Toothpaste Without SLS – The Best Toothpaste

Toothpaste without SLS or zero sodium lauryl sulfate is the best option for your tooth where now many people already know the negative effects of SLS then you should be careful when buying toothpaste. When choosing it, you should identify the materials contained therein.

  • Abrasive materialsToothpaste Without SLS

Toothpastes contain abrasives to remove food residue, bacteria and plaque. Usually the material is calcium carbonate and silicate.

  • Materials flavor enhancer.

Usually toothpastes use artificial sweeteners or saccharin to provide a wide range of tastes. For example mint, strawberry, cinnamon, bubble gum flavor even for kids.

  • Humectants

humectants are a water-absorbent material from the air and retain moisture. For example: glycerin, alpha hydroxyl acids (ahas), and lactic acid. This material is used to keep toothpaste moist fixed

  • Detergents

foam that appears when you brush your teeth is a form of sodium lauryl sulfate detergents.
Read SLS free toothpaste list if you want to know some products that do not use SLS.various studies have shown that SLS can cause irritation of the skin. The most widely experienced after using the toothpaste is the canker sores. Already many people complain about it. So, it is evident that the SLS is very dangerous for us. But why still many toothpastes manufacturers produce it?

In addition to toothpaste, SLS also exist in other products. Shampoo is one item that contains SLS. This is very dangerous for the health of your hair and scalp. SLS should not be used in health products.

If your toothpaste produces much foam, you should immediately see the product’s ingredients. SLS function to produce foam. So, if you think that good toothpastes are toothpaste that produces lots of foam, it is wrong. But if you still want to use it you must use it with little capacity. 2 mm is enough to clean your teeth. SLS is harmful if swallowed. If you have a baby you must be careful when buying toothpaste. At that age, babies like to eat anything, so the toothpaste that you have to choose toothpaste without SLSfor your baby.

Well, we must be smart in selecting health products in this modern era. This is so as not to disrupt your health and your family. Well, it’s just a bias I share with you. I hope this article toothpaste without SLS is useful for you.

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