Meswak Toothpaste – Facts About Meswak, Read This Before Buy!

Meswak toothpaste is one of the best natural alternative toothpaste today. According to the results of research scientists at miswak substances is very good for dental health, not just for teeth but also for mouth and other organs. Meswak toothpaste commonly used by Muslims but also many non-Muslims use meswak because already know benefit of miswak. If you ask, what is meswak? Where it from? It is a twig of salvadora persica or so-called peelu tree. Ancient people usually use these twigs to brush their teeth, but in contemporary times it already packed into paste so you do not look old anymore.Meswak Toothpaste

Meswak toothpaste has many benefits. Many companies and scientists who have done research on meswak twig and give excellent results for health. Read more in the article below the natural benefits of it.


Benefits of Meswak Toothpaste

  1. Meswak contains natural antibacterial acids was able to eradicate bacteria and prevent infection in your mouth. In addition, these substances are also able to stop the bleeding quickly.
  2. Contains fluoride and some other content that serves whiten and strengthen your teeth. The content is natural from twig miswak, so it is good for your dental health.
  3. Meswak toothpaste contains natural oils that can give a fresh scent in the mouth.
  4. Contains an enzyme that removes the plaque so your teeth stronger and not porous.
  5. According to research, it contains anti decay agent to prevent spoilage. There was also able to stimulate the mouth to produce more siliva so it can clean your mouth.meswak toothpaste

Five benefits meswak above shows meswak toothpaste is very good alternative at this time. Meswak toothpaste is better than toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate. Next, I will share some research results from scientists about it.

  • In the U.S. National library mentions, that after doing research by comparing brushing teeth using meswak toothpaste, obtaining results that are more effective meswak toothpaste to clean plaque.
  • King saud university is also conducting research and the result is by brushing your teeth using twigs miswak is the same as brushing teeth using toothpaste and the results are better when using miswak.
  • Journal of periodontology do research by putting pieces on petridish miswak and obtain results very amazing. Then, the result is miswak able to kill the bacteria quickly.

From the above research results indicate that meswak more benefits. Meswak tooth paste also has long expire time. Read more does toothpaste expire? To know about expire. With the meswak toothpaste then brushed his teeth with a twig activities meswak can be replaced with a modern way. Well, I hope this article about meswak toothpaste is useful for you.

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